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Download our Maker Inventory Sheet to help with inventory drop off.


Agora is always accepting applications for makers. 

We sell a wide range of accessories, apothecary, apparel, plants, home goods, artwork, and other well-produced, high quality handmade goods. Items are curated based on the current needs of the store and trends in sales.  


The maker needs to have had a substantial part in the design or in transforming raw materials into a functional piece of art.  We do not accept mass produced or multi-level marketing products.

We sell mainly on consignment. Our standard consignment rate for most items is 60% to the maker and 40% to the store. We also purchase at wholesale pricing from select makers. 

We are now accepting applications from surrounding states, however, preference is given to makers within Wisconsin. 

Ready to sell with us? Fill out our online application. Due to the volume of applications, we do not contact everyone who applies. However, we keep applications on file in case of an opening.