Agora is always searching for new area makers. 

What type of goods do we look for?

Men's and women's accessories, apothecary, apparel, plants, home goods, artwork, and other well-designed handmade goods. Leather, metal, glass, clay, textiles, and wood.


What kind of Maker do we look for?

Any Maker within Wisconsin looking to enter into the local retail economy.

The Maker needs to have had a substantial part in transforming raw materials into a functional piece of art. We would not, for instance, be interested in a Maker who purchases components from overseas and then has minimal effort in assembling the components.


What is the business model?

IN STORE: We sell mainly on consignment. Items are curated based on the current needs of the store departments and trends in sales. Please contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or by email for further information on our process and current consignment rate.  

ONLINE: We sell some of our online inventory on consignment and also purchase at wholesale pricing from select Makers.

Tel. 715.544.4220 

1008 Main St, Stevens Point, WI 

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