Agora specializes in curating the highest quality, locally created goods to Stevens Point. We strive to create a fair trade economy with our local makers. 


Cara Adams

A Message from the Founder: 

As a little girl I never dreamed of what my wedding would be like or who my husband would be. I dreamed and pretended to own my own business. I've spent an insane amount of hours brainstorming business ideas. Who would have known, it was right in front of me when I got here. :)


After meeting so many wonderfully talented artists and makers in the area and experiencing the regional pride, from craft beer to the Wisconsin River, I saw a need for a locally themed store with a Makers Market. I envision a place for area makers to easily sell their goods and at the same time, a place to showcase the uniqueness that is Central Wisconsin. 

Finally jumping into the deep end of adulthood, I decided to open this brick & mortar spot. Here's to dreams!   

With love for all things local,


photo credit: ​Becky Swan


Tel. 715.544.4220


1008 Main St, Stevens Point, WI 

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